Carriage & Cart Covers
Gator Pads

Carriage and Cart Covers are made of "Evolution 4" fabric which is VERY light weight and water resistant and UVprotectant. This is the same fabric from which all the best carcovers are made. Each cover is specially made to the measurments the owner provides. These covers are made as standing covers and are not meant to be used in uncovered transport.

Carriage cover washing instructions

Click here for a form to print, fill out and mail/FAX to me when measuring your cart/carriage for a cover. (Uses the Adobe Acrobat plugin which can be downloaded freely here if you do not already have it: Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Gator Pads

Gator Pads are made to cushion harness so that the weight of the carriage is distributed more evenly both on the horses back and across their chest. I am the new [as of 04/06] owner of this business which was started by Barbara Lee of Nearside Harness. See attached price list for sizes and types of pads that are available. I am also making a pad for the new V breast collars.

Price list and size chart for Gator Pads

This is a VPad for a mini

This pad is 5in x 43in

For your convenience, we accept payment in the form of personal checks, money orders, and PayPal ®.

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Email - - Kathleen Conklin - 22 Venezio Ave, Albany, NY 12203
518 456-1098 FAX 509 479-2681


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